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Cuddling Cats


(1) to rescue animals from situations that are believed to be endangering, abusive or neglectful including but not limited to overcrowded shelters where they may be in danger of euthanasia; 

(2) to find safe, healthy, and loving homes for those rescued animals in the local community and throughout New York State; 

(3) to assist passionate companion animal owners throughout the State in being able to keep their pets healthy and happy through advocacy, education, training, fundraising and other assistance as available; 

(4) to provide education, advocacy, and training to the community about proper companion animal care, health care, spay and neuter, training and other essential topics so that more companion animal owners are successfully able to keep their pets rather than surrendering
them to local shelters.


Empawthy Animal Rescue, Inc. is A 501(c)3 not-for-profit animal welfare organization that was founded in early 2022 and officially formed in August of the same year on the belief that every animal deserves a chance. Our goal is to speak for those who do not have a human advocate; whether they be abandoned, stray, feral, or otherwise. We approach every rescue situation with great care and diligence, and strive never to turn away a dog, cat, or any other animal seeking our assistance. If we cannot help, we will find someone who can. 


Based in the Latham area of New York State, our goal is to provide companion animal assistance to the community throughout the greater Capital Region. Our goal is not only to rescue cats and dogs, but also to provide community services to pet owners who need assistance in order to foster healthy and happy relationships with their pets. We are an entirely volunteer- and foster-based organization, which means that we rely on the support of the community in order to do the work we do. The more we are able to grow and thrive as a non-profit organization, the better able we will be to serve the people and homeless animals in the region. 

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