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The dogs, cats and other animals who are currently "available" for adoption are featured below. If you don't see who you're looking for, let us know! We work with shelters across New York as well as several other states and would love to help you find your perfect new companion. Contact us today to find out about the adoption projects we are working on. We may just have your perfect dog(s) or cat(s) waiting in the wings. 




We are proud to partner with Adopt-a-Pet to showcase our adoptable dogs and cats. Click on the image to go to our Adopt-a-Pet page and see who we have listed currently. 

Empawthy Animal Rescue-Red04-L13-FF-01.png


Check out our Facebook page to see animals we have up for adoption, as well as dogs and cats available for fostering. We strive to introduce our new arrivals before they are available for adoption, as we are always looking for fosters, and foster-to-adopt relationships!

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